Plastic Laminate

Chrome Plated ZamacStirrup Brackets

Stainless SteelStirrup Brackets

AluminumContinuous Brackets (Optional)

ZamacWrap-Around Hinges

Stainless SteelWrap-Around Hinges (Optional)

Continuous Stainless SteelHinges (Optional)

Chrome Plated ZamacSurface Mounted Slide Latch

Stainless SteelSurface Mounted Slide Latch (Optional)

Stainless SteelShoe

Stainless SteelStandard Depth Continuous U Brackets

Stainless SteelExtended Depth Continuous Brackets

AluminumExtended Depth Continuous Brackets (Optional)

Chrome Plated ZamacIndicator Slide Latch (Optional)

Chrome Plated Brushed ZamacIndicator Slide Latch (Optional)


ASI Accurate Partitions reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.