Color-Thru Phenolic lives up to its name, with surface color through and through. Color-Thru Phenolic sheets are fused at high temperature and pressure, and are a Class A fire rated material.


  • Continuous Piano Hinges
  • Continuous Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel Brackets
Color-Thru™ Phenolic Color Selection

Due to variances among color monitors the colors that appear on your screen may not be exact.
If color is important you must request samples prior to ordering.
Colors are subject to change without notice.

*Additional charges for non-standard Color-Thru phenolic, including White 1050.


Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced

This economical and sturdy mounting style installs just about anywhere. An anodized aluminum anti-grip head rail secures partitions firmly to the walls.


Simplified construction permits ease of installation anywhere. For concrete floors only: 2" minimum penetration into floor required.


When used together with wall-hung fixtures, the entire floor is accessible for efficient cleaning. Structural steel ceiling supports are necessary to assure proper installation.

Floor to CeilingAnchored

This mounting style is extremely stable and durable as pilasters are anchored into both the concrete floor and the structural ceiling support.
Ultimate Privacy - Black-Core Phenolic


Phenolic partitions are strong, durable and feature doors and panels up to 72" high. Self-Closing rebated doors overlap to remove any sightlines into the stall to ensure privacy.

Vandal-Resistant Fasteners

Special driver installs fasteners, which virtually eliminates unauthorized removal and ensures easy installation.

Emergency Access

Meets ADA requirements. Slotted keeper coupled with gravity hinges allows access in an emergency.

Vault Hinge

Rugged, attractive wrap-around hinge. Extra strong for heavy-duty installations.

Shoe Construction

One-piece stainless steel, type 304, with #4 satin finish trim shoes are hemmed top and bottom for rigidity and sleek appearance.

Easy-Stall Shoe

For floor anchored overhead braced.

Easily adjusted leveling bolt.

True concrete anchor screws designed for lasting holding power.

Anchor rated at 2770 lbs. pullout strength.

Fabricated of type 304 stainless steel.

Occupancy Indicator

Occupancy Indicator

Occupancy latch with an emergency access capability indicates when stall is occupied.

Applicable to Phenolic partitions.

Flush Finish Self-Closing Doors

Flush Finish Self-Closing Doors

All of our self-closing doors and pilasters meet in a flush finish with routed, overlapping closures for guaranteed privacy.

Applicable to Phenolic and Solid Plastic partitions.

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